“Mixed Emotions”,  10″ x 10″, Sixteen individual 2-3 color woodcut prints created with carving and gun shots on masa. New prints from the same set of six blocks used to create 16″ x 22″ “Mixed Emotions” series (see previous post).

Titles in order from left to right: “Afraid, Anxious, Buoyed, Developmental, Dominant, Endangered, Gestating, Growing, Insecure, Invisible, Oppressed, Protected, Shy, Suppressed, Unprotected, Unreliable”.

These and the “Mixed Emotions” series are inspired by an old recurring dream about an apartment I used to live in. The dream varied each time I had it. The structure of the apartment building was unreliable, with crooked floors and walls that were falling down. Different events would happen in the dreams within that structure that triggered emotions like trust, being stuck, isolation, parenting, working. These prints are abstracted visual representations of the dreams.

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