“Look At This,” is a series of multi-plate woodcut, lino, and collage prints with metallic inks on various white or black paper. 15″ x 22″. Some imagery is inspired by vintage Barbie coloring books of the 1970’s and 80’s, and is a thematic continuation of  a large scale woodcut print made in 2018 called “In a Box,” 65″ x 40,″.  The titles in this series are captions from the coloring book pages.

A Favorite Place
Back at Home Base
Can You Fix This?
Everyone is Pleased
Hailing Friends
Let’s Rest Here
Time for Tea
What Should I Wear?
You’re Right On Time
A Secure Landing
Our Time is Almost Up
I’ll Pick You Up at Eight
Color Your Favorite Pair
This Was My Favorite Dress
It Only Takes Practice, Girls

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